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Hitfigure, where dealers buy from YOU.

Franchised car dealers who represent major automotive brands are constantly on the lookout for used vehicles of the same brand as the new cars they sell. And consumers are always on the lookout for the most competitive price for their used car at resale or trade-in.

That’s why Hitfigure is so important.

Hitfigure lets you submit information about your used car so local same brand dealers can make you a competitive offer to buy it.

Unlike trading in your car to a dealership of a different brand, same brand franchised dealers specialize in the car you’re selling. That means you stand a better chance of getting the most competitive offer. Hitfigure is quick, easy and free to consumers.


The Hitfigure process – fast, easy and free!

  • The Hitfigure process starts when you submit information about your used car, including the make, model, year, mileage and condition.
  • Information about your car is then routed to multiple franchised car dealerships of the same brand in your area who provide you with an offer to buy your car.

You’ve been buying cars from dealers long enough.
Time they buy from you.

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